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Hope Health is a company committed to protecting the mental health and wellbeing of all humans, by providing Adult & YouthMental Health First Aid Training and bespoke wellbeing programs and services. From mental health first aid training, virtual wellbeing webinars to wellbeing events; we build tailored programs that bring the results needed to ensure companies, schools & communities have a fully embedded, holistic wellbeing culture that takes care of the people that matter the most. 

Hope Health Services

At Hope Health we believe that all humans should thrive and be happy. In order to achieve this people require the skills and knowledge to empower them to support their own wellbeing holistically. All of our services have been designed with your people in mind, offering hope for better wellbeing. We have a team of wellbeing experts to deliver bespoke workplace wellbeing programs in line with your culture either, directly to your office, off site location or virtually.

The Founder

Hello, I’m Nicole!


At the age of 17 I developed PTSD from a childhood trauma. This went untreated and undiagnosed for over a decade. Mainly due to the stigma I thought I would encounter if I disclosed what I was experiencing

At the same time I was managing a successful career as a Business Development Director, whilst taking care of a young family. 

On 19th March 2009 I felt I could no longer carry onI nearly took my life that day. This is when everything changed. I got the help I had needed back when I was a teenager and began to recover.


I now am thankful for this experience, as it is what lead me to do the work I do now. I never want anyone to struggle with their mental health, too worried to speak out or get the help they need, or decide that to take their life is their only option. I also wish I had learnt the skills to protect my mental health earlier on, as maybe things would not have gone as far as they did.

Nicole O'Callaghan

MHFA Adult & Youth Instructor

BA Honours Business 

Keynote Speaker (PTSD, Stigma, Suicide, Resilience)

Clients trained in Mental Health First Aid 

Keyboard and Mouse

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Hope Health is a company which is committed to transforming workplace wellbeing by providing bespoke programs and stand alone services that promote positive mental health in the workplace.

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