Mental Health First Aid

Spice Social Ltd

Spice Social is the number one social group in the UK and they run events all over the country, as well as organising fantastic holidays all over the world. Spice Social, connect like-minded people that want to have fun and try new experiences. They offer a range of exciting activities, which include tours, exploring their social lives and promote having fun.


When COVID-19 came into our lives Spice Social had to move their services online and provide engaging activities for their members during lockdown. A spice social member was on my very first webinar and recommended me to the group. I was approached to deliver a healthy ‘working from home’ webinar to their 4500+ members throughout the UK.

“The webinar was well received by our members with one stating that following implementing Nicoles’ helpful strategies she had the most productive working from home day since lockdown. Nicole is continuing to support the Spice Social group by creating further engaging online wellbeing content for our members. We are delighted to have Nicole on board; her passion and dedication to the wellbeing cause is infectious and we are already seeing such a positive impact.”

Sophie, Spice Social Ltd

Essex Business Radio

Hope Health were asked to provide Essex Business Radio with some advice and support for their audience during COVID-19 as part of their new series “C-19: How we deal with it”. The radio host, Elliot Browne chats to people not just from Essex but also the surrounding areas and other regions in the UK and also Worldwide! Nicole and Elliot spoke about the impact C-19 will have on people’s mental health, how you can protect your mental health by prioritising wellbeing and the importance of having trained mental health first aiders within the workplace.

“ It was a pleasure to have Nicole on the show and provide our audience with some pertinent advice at a time when people will be needing it the most. What I like about Nicole is that she has an authentic passion for the work she does due to her own personal experiences with wellbeing and mental health. She has taken both the time and money to invest in her training and development to be able to bring her clients the most effective programmes and I know she is going to help so many people."

Elliot Browne, Essex Business Radio