Hello, I'm Nicole

Hello, I’m Nicole and my passion for this type of work and for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is a really personal mission of mine. For a decade I experienced poor mental health whilst holding down a stressful role in the corporate world and raising a young family.

Little did I know I was living with an undiagnosed and untreated mental health condition. I felt ashamed, weak and imperfect for feeling the way I was feeling. On 19th March 2009 I felt that my quality of life and mental health had become so poor, that I nearly took my life that day. This is when everything changed and despite having to piece myself back together again; it was what I view as an amazing turning point in my life!

Thankfully, with the support of the NHS, my family and by educating myself as to how I can protect my mental health, I was able to recover. I spent a further decade focusing on creating a life of positive wellbeing and got to grips with an illness that had taken up such a huge part of my life. It took a lot of perseverance, dedication and courage as I went on this journey of self discovery. I learnt that I didn't need to feel ashamed, weak or imperfect. We ALL have mental health and it can change throughout our lives just as our physical health does. It was not my fault that I had a mental health illness. 


Despite my illness, I have created a very fulfilling and successful life. I am a Director and shareholder of two companies, I have three beautiful children and I continue to grow, thrive and experience positive mental health! I am proof that recovery from poor mental health is likely and very possible. Hence, why I have called my company Hope Health. I wanted to provide hope to people experiencing poor mental health.

In my darkest days I felt that I was never going to get better. If only someone could have shown me that I was going to get better and could go on to recover and recover well. All of the signs and symptoms of poor mental health were there back in 2009 and early intervention may have meant it did not go as far as it did. However, I am grateful for my desperate episode as it has led me down the path doing the work I love.

I now train others to be mental health first aiders so that they can not just spot the signs and symptoms but can have the confidence and knowledge to strike up a conversation with someone they are concerned about and guide them towards the right help. I am an advocate for breaking down the stigma associated with poor mental health. This is what I am very passionate about. I have experienced stigma and still experience stigma, but I am determined to continue to change this. 

And so, Hope Health was born. 

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